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Nischelle Buffalow Selected 2017 Woman of the Year by Women’s Division Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce Chesapeake

I have a passion for serving. I just think that’s my purpose here – to serve others,” Nischelle Buffalow says about her work within the community of Chesapeake through her nonprofit organization, Buffalow Family and Friends Community Days. The organization is a family oriented group that offers support and encouragement to the community with education, health care, food and other essential resources.

Nischelle’s efforts and dedication to helping those in need within her community have resulted in her being awarded the 2017 Woman of the Year honor by the Women’s Division Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce Chesapeake.

Chesapeake and its residents are near and dear to Nischelle’s heart. She has lived there most of her life. A 1989 Indian River High School graduate, Nischelle went on to Norfolk State, where she studied accounting. Then, for 20 years she worked at the Chesapeake City Library, where she met scores of people from the community.