On addition to our pantry, we also do 4 monthly food giveaways in 3 different senior apartment complexes. We provide needed food and toiletry supplies right were they live so that those with mobility issues can have access. 

Our schedule:

  1st Monday – Cypress Landing Apartments

  • Serving homeless and/or disabled Veterans behind Chesapeake Regional Hospital.
  • Newest addition to monthly community support.

  2nd Saturday Starling Village/ Chesapeake Crossing Apartments

  • Serving seniors in the South Norfolk Area of Chesapeake.

  3rd Tuesday – Southern Chesapeake 

3rd Thursday – Kemet House

  • Serving seniors in the Deep Creek area of Chesapeake.

  4th Wednesday – Mobile Pantry

  • Walk up meal distribution at the pantry in partnership with the Southeastern Food Bank of Virginia. 

  4th Saturday – Cambridge Square Apartments

  • Serving seniors in the Greenbrier West area of Chesapeake.