Forces of Change – Now Available!

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Written for the changemakers in the world, Forces of Change features a selection of writings from nonprofit leaders. The goal is simple: to show how they fought to change the world, and how you can do the same. 

Amazon Says:

Forces of Change is a compilation of award-winning nonprofits started by ordinary people who create extraordinary change. Every story will show you how anyone can turn their biggest ambitions into reality. If you feel inspired to start a nonprofit and seek direction, this book is for you. Driven by inspiring, life-changing stories and shareable insights, this is the book that will give you the tools to take action and make your impact in the world.

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Coming Up:
 Forces of Change Book Launch Party

March 19th, 2022 3:00 PM at the KROC Center Hampton Roads

1401 Ballentine Blvd., Norfolk, VA 23504