Buffalow Family and Friends Community Days

Each part of our name means something special. The words Buffalow Family and Friends speak to those people that surround us that we are close to. But when it comes to Community, what does that mean to us?

In general, your community is made up of the people that surround you. Or your community came from a bunch of people who like the same thing. They spend time together talking about what they have in common.

Unfortunately, communities can divide us into smaller and smaller pockets. For every single thing out in the world, there is a community. And that community may not like another community. They may even exist just to hate another community.

But that is where we seek to be different. The community of Buffalow Family and Friends is not defined by what you do, where you like to shop, how old you are, or where you went to school. It is not defined by race or religion, your zip code, or your favorite sports team.

Instead, our community is defined by those who want to help their neighbors. Their neighbors may be different. They may be utter strangers. But still, our community comes together because they want to help others.

We invite you to be a  part of this community.

Where the abundance is given away so that everyone can have some.

Where ordinary people band together to make sure that everyone in their community gets fed.

Where the elderly are able to wake up in the morning and know that they do not have to choose between their medication and eating.

Where parents who work around the clock to provide for their children can’t qualify for assistance from traditional means, can still receive help.

Where everyone is guaranteed a home-cooked Thanksgiving meal and children have presents under the Christmas tree.

This is our vision for our community. That it will go beyond us to be people united by our humanity, caring for others in their humanity.